Lilliel is starting to get feelings for Renya and she’s super embarrassed and has no idea what’s going on. Oh, lilliel, just be glad flonne isn’t there or she’s blurt out something about how it’s love or that they calm each other down and finish things they wouldn’t be able to otherwise through the power of love

I hate protection missions

Two hours of progress lost, let’s go onto the story… what the actual duck just happened in that dungeon introduction

Unlocks martial dungeon
Ignores story and goes through it

Satanael for best kamipara

wow i’m an idiot i have to be up in four and a half hours to go to a Hilton hotel for some event or other to work for the weekend and i still haven’t taken a shower. i’ll take one when i get up and will get up as soon as my alarm goes off…. i hope


Now I’m worried because I’m halfway there

Satanael is great, he makes it sound like he’s going out to allay angels but then now, he’s just going out book hunting


I’d been there for hours but I’m finally free of it. And I can’t say I blame you for wanting his job but also not

That chapter took me six hours to complete

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